Liquidating Toontibo

With regrets, we would like to inform you that we are forced to liquidate Toontibo.

Together with The Leap into Life Foundation, our major shareholder, we don’t see a way forward how to reach our goal to help African communities create sustainable businesses and awarding them their just part of the value they add.

While we were nearly there, unexpectedly one person thought it still wasn’t enough. He took actions that disrespected the governance, and diversity in thinking and shattered the enormous personal investment of volunteers, as well as the trust we painstakingly created in trade relationships.

We are disappointed, but it won’t stop us from generating initiatives to create a better future.

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Business can be a force for good, if it is prepared to challenge conventional trading models.

We are on a mission to prove this is possible. 


We trade plant-based products from the Global South. 

Our first category is premium, handcrafted Shea butter. 

We trade differently.

We re-balance the conventional value chain of plant-based products by guaranteeing those who produce our premium products a stable, net income of at least poverty rate, and by investing at least 40% of our profits into building thriving sourcing communities.

We achieve competitive pricing by keeping our other costs as low as possible. 

By buying from Toontibo, our customers contribute directly to seven of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

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