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Toontibo sells traditional high quality handcrafted Shea butter to companies that require top quality and a fair product. We provide ethically sourced Shea butter in a regenerative trading model.

Building a regenerative value chain

Toontibo’s purpose is to reverse the value chain in Shea butter trading that adds value to the source, Africa. Toontibo is co-owned by Dipaliya Women’s Association, producer of shea butter in Ghana, Africa. We pay the processors above the average fees, we give back to the community and build a regenerative ecosystem. We do all that by selling Shea butter – the women’s gold – to the cosmetics and food industry.

High quality natural, handcrafted shea butter
High quality handcrafted shea butter

Our values

  • Abundance is there, the divide is unfair.
  • We consider it a basic human right that people earn a decent income, including the women processing the high quality handcrafted Shea butter.
  • We aim to create conditions where money (profit) is used and divided transparently, adding value to the whole processing chain – a sustainable chain.
  • We do not help the women; we co-create with them.
  • We do not compete on price – we create value for money.
  • We talk our walk.

Our impact

  • We have a true partnership-based collaboration with the Dagomba tribe.
  • Over the past 5 years Dipaliya Women’s Association has produced 125.000 kg Shea butter on contract base for international traders and companies.
  • We have reduced the processing costs for the women from 80% to 20%.
  • We have built and opened a large center for traditional handcraft of Shea Butter.
  • We planted 400 new trees.
  • We manage the center in alignment with community and chieftaincy values.
  • The women and communities are empowered in becoming self-sufficient through learning by doing in a facilitated program.
  • Local radio and Chiefs have been praising this initiative as an example to follow by other communities.
  • With Toontibo we have established a Netherlands based trading company, co-owned by the women processors in Ghana.
High quality handcrafted shea butter
High quality handcrafted shea butter

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High quality handcrafted shea butter

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