NEWS: Toontibo launches: “We are turning the traditional trading model upside down.”

 26 November, 2021

On Thursday 11 November, 2021, Toontibo had the opportunity to present its unique ‘regenerative’ business philosophy on the occasion of the Dutch premiere of the award-winning documentary ‘Beyond Zero’.

Toontibo sells handcrafted, organic Shea butter made by a women’s co-operative in Saakuba village, Ghana, to clients in EU, UK and the US.

At the event, the 700- strong audience of business leaders, politicians, media and youth leaders were shown a short video produced for the event and heard CEO Willem Jan van der Hoeven being questioned on how Toontibo has raised the wages of the Ghanaian women producers fourfold to a stable income of 700$ per year and at the same time kept the prices competitive for its customers.

In addition, the unique ownership structure, developed together with the eminent Dutch law firm Houthoff, has given the community a financial stake in the business allowing it to develop its native community and nurture the land to reduce migration and climate change.

“Toontibo was born out of a unique collaboration between the Saakuba village community and the Dutch Leap into Life Foundation. Ethical trade has the power to allow the entire value chain to flourish equitably. African interests have been undermined in the past by global trade and we are turning the model upside down. This frees up money and energy to better care for the community and the earth. That is our regenerative philosophy.”

       Willem Jan van der Hoeven | Toontibo CEO

Beyond Zero

The documentary ‘Beyond Zero’ tells the inspirational story of UN Climate Action Award winner Interface and encourages companies to transform to help create a socially and environmentally sustainable world.

The Dutch premiere of ‘Beyond Zero’ took place in Hilversum on Thursday 11 November and was organised by the ‘100 months to change’ coalition (

About Toontibo

Toontibo is a new trading company, co-owned by the Ghanaian community of Saakuba – which includes a 100% female-owned Shea butter producing co-operative – and the Dutch Leap into Life Foundation.