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shea butter toontibo

Abundance is there, the divide is unfair

Shea butter is called “the women’s gold”. There is a growing international demand for Shea butter, but the women do not equally benefit from this growth. Local economies and traditions are under pressure due to extraction of Shea nuts and money flowing out of the communities. No woman in West Africa can make a living by making Shea butter for the international markets.

toontibo sustainable handcrafted shea butter

A decent income is a basic human right

We consider it a basic human right that people earn a decent income. In general traders pay the women a fee that remains them less to spend on their household than the daily poverty rate. Toontibo aims to provide women processors a decent and stable income for making Shea butter. We believe a woman should earn at least at poverty rate, about 700 USD per year.

shea butter toontibo values

Adding value to the whole processing chain

We aim to create conditions where money (profit) is used and divided transparently, adding value to the whole processing chain – a sustainable chain. In 2019 we have built and opened a large Shea butter processing center that is fully owned by the women’s cooperative Dipaliya. As co-owner of Toontibo Dipaliya receives additional revenues from sales in the international market.

toontibo sustainable handcrafted shea butter

No help, but co-creation

We do not help the women; we co-create with them. In Ghana we work together as equal partners with different skills. As Toontibo we represent the women who make your Shea butter and we share revenues of sales from the Netherlands. Both are not common in trade with Africa.

shea butter toontibo value

Creating value for money

We do not compete on price – we create value for money. The fee Toontibo pays the women processors and the revenues from Toontibo sales spent in the local communities have a direct positive effect on your CSR policy. Because of our transparent reinvestments in Africa, buying your Shea butter from Toontibo directly boosts the CSR targets of your company.

toontibo sustainable handcrafted shea butter

We talk our walk

We speak of our daily operational practices; what we do, how we work and what makes it different. Unlike other traders we pick up all the bills for processing costs made by the women. Toontibo is transparent about the impact of investments in women empowerment and sustainable community development. Our results are visible in the communities and traceable for those outside the communities.