Toontibo Manifesto

We are on a mission to rebalance the conventional value chain for plant-based products.   

For decades, trade has taken resources from the Global South to create wealth elsewhere.  Our unique, regenerative approach stops that. We create positive outcomes for: 

  • Communities at the source of the value chain, which need vitality to cope with the challenges of today and tomorrow.
  • Customers who are determined to create a positive ESG impact.
  • Consumers who want products with natural ingredients made honestly. 
  • Investors who want to invest for impact. 

We originate from a partnership between the Leap into Life Foundation and Saakuba Village Community in Ghana. Our approach is based on sound theory which we apply in practice every day.  

We never impose solutions. We co-create with our partners to balance the needs of all participants.  

We never stop trying to understand, respect and align the inherent differences in human needs, values, traditions and cultures. We don’t take shortcuts. 

We pursue business success so that profit can be re-invested into the health of communities and their environment.    

We are driven by what we don’t yet know and hungry to find new solutions and new partnerships. 

Our business model is future-fit, and it is open-source. Come and engage with us: together we make it possible.   


Toontibo – the Dagomba word for gradually moving forward in a positive manner